Mission Statement

 To produce the best quality independent films in the market.

 Our Core Values

 These are our company’s core values that we embrace. These core values represent our culture of good, hard working individuals, from entry level to our owners, who encompass them daily. If there is one thing that serves as the backbone of our business philosophy, it is our Core Values. These values are composed of five tenets:

  • Show Respect for our cast and crew
  • Taking Responsibility for our actions
  • Producing films of the highest Quality
  • Producing films and business with Integrity
  • Putting Passion into everything we do

Our company appeals to fans, producers and distributors of independent films of all genres. However, we will mostly specialize in horror films, therefore our target audience will be fans of this specific genre.

The independent film industry is a very competitive global market. There are a plethora of independent companies out there, but only a handful are successful. The independent film industry is constantly changing due to technological advances; therefore making it a growth industry.